Luxury Spa 14'

Dimensions: 14' 4" long by 6' 4" wide

Luxury Spa 14'

Spacious 4-Station restroom trailer over 14 feet long that has an inviting interior and enough capacity to provide up to 350 guests a true first class experience.


Women's Side

• Two stalls with flushable toilets
• Stainless steel sink with running water
• Mirror

Men's Side

• One urinal and one stall with a flushable toilet
• Stainless steel sink with running water
• Mirror

Luxury Features

• Heated
• Hot/Cold fresh water
• Air conditioned
• AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment Package
• Control radio through your mobile device
• Runs off of 2 standard outlets or generator

Great For

• Weddings and special events
• Corporate events
• Golf courses
• Construction sites
• Bathroom remodeling

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